Our Red Team with 15+ years of expertise in offensive cybersecurity and intelligence is able to conduct cyber investigations using OSINT and HUMINT techniques in order to obtain the required evidence:

  • OSINT:
    We focus on getting intelligence from open sources by analyzing social networks, forums and web sites in order to obtain all the evidence and information required by Client of any person of interest or company.

    We focus on getting intelligence from human sources by getting in contact via digital channels with person of interest (in both an overt or covert way) in order to obtain all the evidence and information required by Client.

  • Darknet INT:
    We focus on getting intelligence from dark web: onion sites, forums, the black market, in order to help companies to face new and still unknown threats (0-day exploits, new vulnerabilities, leaks, data breaches, imminent attacks, etc.). We monitor indicators of targeted attacks to offer advanced intelligence and preemptive warning of imminent breach or hacking attempts. We are also able to monitor and uncover cyberthreats to national security and critical infrastructures (like terrorist groups, organized crime, eversive groups, etc.).

  • Monitoring:
    We focus on monitoring in a daily-basis and getting intelligence from any person of interest or company social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VKcontact, TikTok, etc.), Telegram channels/groups and IRC channels.

  • Counterespionage:
    We focus on implement and execute undercover operations in order to identify the insider threat who is acting in the shadow of Client's company.

Rules of Engagement

  • Mission: Gathering intelligence, evidence and proof for investigation purposes
  • Modality: Black-box
  • Methodology: OSSTMM, CEH, NATO
  • Location: From a remote side
  • Privacy: NDA, encrypted deliverables, secure-deletion
  • Deliverable: Report with evidence and intelligence collected during the investigation
  • Price: Get a quote

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