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We have 15+ years of expertise in defensive-offensive Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacking

Penetration Testing and Cyber Defense

Cyber Intelligence

Deep Web and Dark Web Intelligence


Cybersecurity and Darknet


Fulgur Security is a Cybersecurity Hub based in Rome (Italy), born in 2012 which aims to delivery high-value Ethical Hacking and Cyber Intelligence services with a strong ethical and operative approach. Fulgur Security is composed of a dynamic Team of skilled freelancers with 15+ years of expertise in defensive-offensive cybersecurity (both ethical hackers and cyber intelligence operatives) with strong Hacking skills and a strong Operative attitude (matured with real operations) - with access to the latest attacking threats and exploits (by knowing in-depth and monitoring both deep web and dark web world) - therefore ensuring one of the better proactive cybersecurity proposals. Each one of Fulgur Security’s operatives is a real hacker with a real hacking and cyber intelligence expertise learned in real scenarios and operations and not just within academic world. That is what distinguish us from other realities. Our aim is defending European countries' companies and critical infrastructures from threat actors and making Internet a better place. Fulgur Security works on three main sides: Ethical Hacking, Cyber Intelligence and Training.


Fulgur Security Team

Our Team members have 15+ years of expertise in defensive-offensive Cybersecurity

Ethical Hackers

Penetration Testing and Cyber Operations


Darknet Intelligence, Monitoring and Operations


Cybersecurity and Darknet Intelligence Training

We know in-depth as cybercrime works and as attackers work, so we are experienced in defend both company and critical national assets using a proactive approach: attacking to defend. Our Clients are small and medium-sized enterprises and Government, Military, Telco, Financial and Healtcare companies.

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Fulgur Security Headquarter: Rome (Italy)