[FS-VA] Vulnerability Assessment



A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. Examples of systems for which vulnerability assessments are performed include, but are not limited to, information technology systems, energy supply systems, water supply systems, transportation systems, and communication systems.

Assessments are typically performed according to the following steps:


  • Cataloging assets and capabilities (resources) in a system.
  • Assigning quantifiable value (or at least rank order) and importance to those resources.
  • Identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource.
  • Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources.



The strength of a valuable and effective Vulnerability Assessment (VA) resides in Ethical Hacking and manual skills of the Tester, in their years-long experience and in their Analytic attitude, Coding and Exploiting skills - all of this are Fulgur Security's strengths.

Any VA also if performed with automated tools needs a years-long experienced Security Analyst to evaluate results and find possible false positive/negative.

Our Vulnerability Assessment is a more deep process that use our Ethical Hacking skills, tools and 0day exploits to evaluate Target in scope. This process is the only that can uncover vulnerabilities on Servers difficult or impossible to detect with automated application vulnerability scanning software only.

The biggest difference between us and other realities is that we offer our multi-annual and proven Ethical Hacking expertise and professionalism (maturated in hacking/academic/professional circles) to perform our high-value Vulnerability Assessment.



We use our own manual pentesting skills and a patient, well thought-out, and methodical approach. We also use our own VA private products developed after years of Vulnerability Assessment activities and our own FS-PT Labs and the better VA Scanning tools/suites (both Open and Commercial).



We strictly follow ETHICAL HACKING methodology & our own personal FULGUR SECURITY approach (born after many years of experience in hacking/intelligence/darknet world and so focused to understand deep any cyber security threats) to perform our VA.



As a result of our Vulnerability Assessment we delivery a Professional Security Report with a deep description of any issues found and their business/risk impact - we also propose a Security Remediation and a Remediation Plan for any vulnerabilities found.



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