[FS-OFF] Offensive & Intelligence Solutions

In addition to offering our decades expertise and our Ethical Hacking approach for all our DEFENSIVE Services, we offer OFFENSIVE Services too which are targeted solutions for a whole range of issues not covered by any other service of Cybersecurity. Because of Fulgur Security's Ethical Hacking skills, years-long experience and Operative attitude (matured with real operations), Coding and Exploiting skills and having access to the latest attacking threats (knowing deep and monitoring hacking/deep web/dark web world) we are one of the better proactive Cybersecurity proposals.

Our OFFENSIVE Services are a more targeted and deep process that combines our Ethical Hacking & Intelligence skills, private tools, 0day exploits and public/private feeds with our Cybersecurity know-how to evaluate Target in scope. We gather Intelligence from deep/dark forums, markets and websites (TOR network flows, hacker dump sites, the black market, hacktivist forums, extremist forums, file-sharing portals, botnet exfiltration, data leaks, malware logs and so on) before a direct or peripheral threat impacts Client organization, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve. This process is the only that can uncover and prevent vulnerabilities on systems, people, applications and infrastructures difficult or impossible to detect with a more "defensive" and passive approach.

Our INTELLIGENCE Services are focused to uncover real threats to Client's company assets and National Security or Critical Infrastructures (like terrorists, organized crime, etc.) helping Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies to fight crime and we offer our own Darknet SIEM solution to monitor in real-time any possible threats.

We wear clothes of a possible threat both internal and external (hackers, organized crime, foreign governments, competitors, fraudulent employees, etc.) offering targeted solutions with our strong decades Ethical Hacking approach:



This Service evaluates the actual response of the weakest link in the security chain, the human factor. We test Client's employees without their know it (we'll tell Client if their employees can become a gateway for an attacker in order to attack Client's company assets and/or to steal sensitive data and we'll propose a remediation plan).

:: This Service is aimed to companies that want to actively monitor their employees (their computers and/or smart phones) and to Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies that want to use our private Remote Administration Tools and/or Tiger Team to attack and monitor sensitive/threat actors.

This Service evaluates the effectiveness of internal security of Client's company, because of the threats of attack could come from a person/employee who works internally to Client's company infrastructure. This Intelligence Service is aimed to prevent leaks of sensitive data, industrial espionage and data breaches.

This Service is aimed to help companies/people to cope with a possible scam/fraud (both financial and otherwise) and by using our Ethical Hacking approach to try to uncover scam/fraud source and/or prevent new ones.

This Service is aimed to help companies to face new and still 0day threats (0day exploits, vulnerabilities, leaks, imminent attacks, etc.) by monitoring hacking/deep web/dark web forums, markets and websites (both private and public) before they could be used to attack Client's assets. We monitoring indicators of targeted attacks to offer advanced intelligence and preemptive warning of imminent breach or hacking attempts so Client can react before the fact. We are also able to monitor and uncover possible real threats to National Security and Critical Infrastructure (like terrorists, organized crime, etc.). We can offer our own Darknet SIEM solution to monitor in real-time any possible threats.