Cybersecurity & Intelligence Services

Fulgur Security aims to delivery high-value Cybersecurity & Intelligence Services working on three main sides: Defensive, Offensive and Training.

If you are looking for a high-value Cybersecurity standard with a strong Ethical Hacking approach choose one or more of our Services:


Protect your assets with a proactive Ethical Hacking approach


- Web Application Penetration Testing

- Mobile Application Penetration Testing

- Infrastructure Penetration Testing

- Advanced Persistent Threat Vulnerability Assessment

- Vulnerability Assessment

- WiFi Vulnerability Assessment

- Anti-Surveillance

- Privacy Shield: Improve Internet Reputation

Protect your assets removing your direct threats with a proactive Ethical Hacking approach



- Social Engineering

- Active Surveillance

- Internal Threat Intelligence

- Scam/Fraud Uncovering

- Darknet Threat Intelligence

Protect your assets by making your staff aware of cybersecurity threats and training your IT/Non-IT team


- Cybersecurity Courses

- Cybersecurity Labs

- Cybersecurity Awareness

- Capture The Flag Challenges