Fulgur Security is an Italian Cyber Security project based in Rome born in 2009 aims to delivery high-value Cyber Security & Intelligence Services with a strong Ethical Hacking approach.

Fulgur Security is composed of a dynamic Team of skilled freelancers (both hackers and engineers operatives) with strong Ethical Hacking skills, a Cyber Security years-long experience (both technical and academic) and with a strong Operative attitude (matured with real operations), Coding skills (exploits and security tools) - with access to latest attacking threats and exploits (knowing in-depth and monitoring underground hacking/black-hat/darknet/deepweb world) - therefore ensuring one of the better proactive Cyber Security proposals.

Fulgur Security's business approach is totally different from approach used in many big companies (focusing as those companies do on quantity/lower prices than quality). Our strict policy is focusing on quality of our Team and proposals and because of this any Fulgur Security’s operatives is a real Hacker and/or a very skilled Cyber Security individual with real hacking/intelligence experiences learned in real scenarios and operations and not just inside academic world. It’s what distinguish us from other realities. 

Fulgur Security works on three main sides (Defensive, Offensive and Training) and offers following Services:



  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment (ASV certified too)
  • WiFi Vulnerability Assessment
  • Privacy Shield



  • Social Engineering
  • Active Surveillance
  • Internal Threats Intelligence
  • Scam/Fraud Uncovering
  • Darknet Threats Intelligence



  • Cyber Security Courses
  • Cyber Security Labs
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Capture The Flag Challenges


Fulgur Security's Founder and current CEO is Alberto Fontanella a Cyber Security expert and Ethical Hacker. For several years he was involved in Cyber Security underground in black-hat environment - during which he led a researchers group and wrote exploits/papers/tools and matured a lot of useful experience into the wild understanding in-depth as the criminal/darknet world works. He worked on his ICT Security Training at Security/Cryptography Labs c/o University of Salerno about IDS, Honeypot, Malware/Botnet Fingerprinting, Attacks Identification, etc. and he developed some plugins for a known Intrusion Detection tool.

Member of University of Salerno's Klaatu Project - about detection, collection and analysis of malware, and Honeypot/Honeynet implementation and management. Graduated in IT on September 2009 c/o University of Salerno – he published his Degree Thesis named “Intrusion Detection System – Rilevamento ed Analisi degli Attacchi” as result of his own security research work. He worked as an ICT Security Specialist with several big Clients and currently he works as Cyber Security & Intelligence Specialist and Ethical Hacker freelance leading Fulgur Security's Team.  


Fulgur Security besides medium companies worked and works with several big Clients (Government & Military, Telco and Banking) like:



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