Fulgur Security is composed of a Team of skilled freelancers (both hackers and engineers intelligence operatives) with strong Ethical Hacking skills, a Cyber Security years-long experience (both technical and academic) and with a strong Operative attitude (matured with real operations), Coding skills (exploits and security tools) - with access to latest attacking threats and exploits (knowing deep and monitoring underground hacking/black-hat/darknet/deepweb world) - therefore ensuring one of the better proactive Cyber Security proposals.

FULGUR SECURITY Cyber Security & Intelligence Services

Fulgur Security works on three main sides (Defensive, Offensive and Training).

Defensive Solutions

- Web Application Penetration Testing
- Mobile Application Penetration Testing
- Infrastructure Penetration Testing
- Vulnerability Assessment
- [...]

Offensive Solutions

- Social Engineering
- Active Surveillance
- Internal Threats Intelligence
- Darknet Threats Intelligence
- [...]

Training Solutions

- Cyber Security Courses
- Cyber Security Labs
- Cyber Security Awareness
- Capture The Flag Challenges
- [...]
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